Stephanie Bush-Baskette, Esq., PhD - Promoting Justice through Research, Training, Informed Advocacy
I authored a book entitled Misguided Justice: The War on Drugs and  the Incarceration of Black Women.  Please check for more details.
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As a policy consultant and professional speaker, I support people in fulfilling their civic responsibility to make informed  decisions about the impact of  state and federal policies  and to understand their  roles as citizens in the legislative process. I do so by conducting research and desimnating information through writing and public speaking.
  • Policy Analysis
  • Social Research
  • Research-Based Policy  Recommendations
  • Training in the Implementation of Best  Practices
  • Technical Assistance
  • Evaluations of Programs and Projects
  • Presentations regarding Policy, Social Justice,  and Civic Responsibility
Areas of Concentration: 
  • Social Justice
  • Criminal Justice 
  • Prisoner Reentry
  • Policies and Programs Regarding Women and Girls
  • Juvenile Justice
Professional Qualifications and Experiences include:
  • Law degree
  • Doctorate
  • State legislator
  • Gubernatorial cabinet member
  • Senior researcher for national nonprofit criminal and juvenile justice organization
  • Director of an academic research center
  • Faculty member
  • Public speaker
  • Author
  • certified life/career/business coach
For additional information about my areas of expertise, please see the sections entitled Policy Background and Biography. For discussion of possible collaborations or additional questions, please contact me at or 862-216-7254. 
Stephanie Bush-Baskette, Esq., PhD
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